Bot Overviews

These Bot overviews are going to cover the specific strengths and weaknesses of all the different bots, how they relate to its performance, and possible solutions. I’m far from an expert coder, but I can understand how bots play, and at least speculate on possible causes for certain bugs and weaknesses.

This is intended as both an information resource for other spectators interested in the play styles of different bots and how they counter each other, and as an outside opinion on how a bot’s weaknesses can best be solved.

I’m going to rate how bots perform in different match ups, and look at macro, micro and strategy and how they work together to define how each bot plays. I’ll also be comparing bots to others which use similar strategies, and try to work out why two bots which look similar on the surface can have drastically different results.

I currently don’t plan on making these overviews in any particular order. I’ll just be writing about bots I find interesting. I do, however, intend to update these overviews as bots are updated, and look at what bugs and weaknesses have been fixed, what new strategies have been introduced, and which new weaknesses (if any) have been created.


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