Bot Aliases

A few of the bots on the SSCAI ladder have names, but are listed under the name of their owners rather than their own names. This is simply a list of these bots, so people will be able to identify them, regardless of which name is used. Other Starcraft AI tournaments (AIIDE and CIG) typically use the bot’s name rather than its owner’s

Martin Rooijackers: LetaBot
Chris Coxe: ZZZKbot (Usually spoken as “Triple Z K bot”)
Marian Devecka: Killerbot
Tomas Vajda: XIMP
Sijia Xu: Overkill
Andrew Smith: Skynet
Dave Churchill: UAlbertaBot (University of Alberta bot. Sometimes abbreviated to UAB)
ICELab: ICEbot (ICELab is a department of Ritsumeikan University)
Soeren Klett: W.O.P.R
Florian Richoux: Aiur
Aurelian Lermant: GarmBot
Simon Prins: Tyr (pronounced as “tear”, as in “teardrop”)
Nathan A David: HadesBot
Bjorn P Mattson: Loki
Oyvind Johannessen: MadMix


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